Monday, November 8, 2010

IMT Advanced (4G) status for LTE

The 3GPP c andidate technology submission for IMT-Advanced developed as LTE Release 10 (LTE-Advanced) has been accepted as a 4G technology at the Chongqing meeting of ITU-R. The IMT-Advanced process complies with or exceeds the ITU established criteria in all aspects. This reinforces the global preeminence of the work of 3GPP which unites the leading mobile technology companies in developing market oriented high performance broadband mobile wireless systems. Final ratification of the full IMT-Advanced technology family will occur by November 2010. 3GPP in conjunction with its Organizational Partners, will provide the detailed technical specifications and standards to the ITU-R by 2011, for inclusion in the Recommendation ITU-R.

IMT-Advanced supports the evolving and expanding needs of the broad international base of mobile operators and allows the users of wireless mobile broadband to experience, on a global basis, a rich and innovative range of service and capabilities that is unparalleled by any other technology.

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