Friday, March 26, 2010

Telecom - 10 years from Now...

Broadband is a term that has changed the world around since the word Television has been coined. It has changed the way we live, work, the way world itself works. The future definitely belongs to broadband and more importantly, mobile broadband. Almost all the nations across the world are in the process of upgrading their national Telecom infrastructure. The winner will be those who work pro-actively and have the vision for what will the future look like, 10 years from now.

Its fascinating that our limitations are mostly due to our limited vision of future. Not everyone can predict the opportunities available to our industry. The vast possibilities of a great future will only become a reality if we make ourselves responsible for that future.

2020 shaping Ideas
What will life be like in 2020? What will consumers, enterprises and society want from communications in 2020? How will the world evolve? What habits and needs will people have? What kinds of technologies will they use to make life easier? Life in 2020 reflects Ericsson’s view of what the world of communications might look like in the future.

2020-shaping ideas is an Ericsson initiative worth following. It reflects the views of different thinkers, prominent personalities on how broadband and 24-hr connectivity will shape our life in the future. The site itself has an interesting design with lot of clips attached each one presenting a different view of the life 2020. The one by Adrian Bowyer on the Rep Rap machine using which you can download physical objects is very interesting. The concept itself is an amazing one.

More on this at the Ericsson site "2020-shaping ideas"

Check it out. The future is really promising!!!!

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Vitaly said...

LOL. We will definetly be scratching our heads in 2020.