Thursday, April 22, 2010

3GPP release 10: What to expect

Releases 8 and 9 of 3GPP covered the functionalities required to support the Home Node B (HNB) and Home eNodeB (HeNB). The new release aims to take these further and adds functionalities that will enable the mobile operators to provide services in a more effective manner, improving overall user experience. Several existing requirements on TS 22.220 which could not be realized in the previous stages are re-introduced. These are expected to be covered with Rel-10. This includes "Managed Remote Access to home based network", and "IMS Inter-working". It also features work on the studies related to machine-to-machine communications which enable network operators to offer machine-type communication services at a low cost level, to match the expectations of mass-market machine-type services and applications.Rel-10 aims to provide mechanisms enabling operator's control on routing of active PDN connections across available accesses. Another important feature is a solution to enable the operators seamlessly offload their traffic via IP flow mobility on to a WLAN. Operators will be able to use WLAN as a seamless extension of their cellular access and thus increase the overall system capacity while minimizing the access cost. On the RAN front, amendment of the 1.28Mcps TDD Home NodeB related specifications is proposed so as to support the Home NodeBs application.

The detailed overview of the specification is available from 3GPP.

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