Thursday, April 29, 2010

Femtocell : Devices on offer and Companies

Texas Instruments Incorporated had recently announced a new family of DSPs (TCI series) with a view of enabling the upcoming femtocell compliant device manufacturers as well as the service providers to cut the development time and bring their products to market faster. TI has announced a full set of analog solutions as well. Software reference designs are available which provide customers with all references required for Layer 1, 2 and 3 wireless protocol processing.

picoChip was one of the the first companies in the world to offer a femtocell modem. picoChip claims to have the industry's broadest portfolio of femtocell solutions. They have a family of Socs (PC3xx) all aimed at femtocell configurations in one form or other.

Percello is another company that offers integrated, low-cost digital baseband processors for WCDMA and LTE Femtocells. Percello provides many customized solutions that reduce the design challenges of Femtocell equipment vendors in the market.

DesignArt’s DAN2xxx series of SoCs provide a platform specifically targeted at WiMAX femtocell and repeater designs. These are optimized for low-cost, high performance indoor access point applications. The key features include high level of functional integration, complete PHY and MAC baseband solution, control plane, networking and home gateway application processing.

Analog Devices offers a 3G integrated Radio transceiver aimed at offering high-performance 3G femtocell solutions. Another offering is a from the MxFE family of integrated converters for the communications market. Analog devices claim that the device is ideally suited for low-cost, high-performance femtocell applications.AD also has a range of devices including accurate clock references, RF amplifiers and an evaluation board too.

There are several other companies like Qualcomm Inc. and Runcom Technologies Ltd who are working on the dvelopment of a femto-chip.


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